Listening to Skin Problems


Eclavia has been listening to the skin problems of many women.
Women begin to worry about the condition of their skin around the age of 30, and those problems include age spots, wrinkles, sagging, and mainle aging.
Do they have to give up, just because of their age? Absolutely not. Women can maintain beatuful skin if the inherent power of their skin is brought out. There are in fact many middle-aged women with beautiful skin.


Focus on the natural beauty of your skin Brightn your skin tone
One extra step for your skin after cleansing your face
”Pre-skin care serum” for resilient, smooth, and moisturized skin.Massage your face with a drop of Eclavia before your daily skin care.Feel the difference in your skin. This pre-skin care serum moisturizes your skin with its beauty ingredients and conditions it for your daily skin care regimen.


Beauty Components of Eclavia
Eclavia pre-skin care serum contains numerous beauty ingredients.
Here are some of its special beauty ingredients.

How to Use

Use immediately after cleansing your face
Eclavia works most effectively
by applying immediately after clear.

Halal Certification

ECLAVIA Pre-Skin Care Beauty Essence is a Halal-certified cosmetic.
This certification examines it based on strict regulations including it being alcohol-free, as well as it not using animal products.
In Islam, we always keep ourselves clean in our daily lives, and we will not give anyone anything that we would not take in ourselves.